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The benefits of California Workers Compensation Law provide financial compensation to employees in the event they are hurt or seriously injured on the job, regardless of fault. These laws are set up to aid the employee financially once they are injured and can distribute monetary awards if in fact the injuries sustained prevent the employee from working. These laws were made to protect an employees job, and health in connection to the kind of harm or injury while they are not ready to work. Workers compensation laws are setup and designed to protect all parties involved. They can protect the employer to ensure they are not legally held responsible for more than the situation demands and they protect the employee's job, as well as properly compensating them for what is deserved according to the injury. Now and again, California Workers Compensation laws also provide families with monetary relief in the event a loved one dies or is killed on the job.  

There are various types of compensation including week by week substitution of wages, past and future financial hardship and misfortune, scope of medicinal costs, and monetary awards paid to the injured under specific circumstances. Damages from pain and suffering are not your typical workers compensation scenarios and are not usually covered under the Workers Compensation Laws, however,  in these cases, claims can be brought against bosses and employers when they ought to indeed be held obligated for the working environment and injuries that occurred due to this hazard.

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